Tips on Planning A Burial

Burial planning can be remarkably difficult. This is not only down to the fact that there is a lot to think about, but also down to the fact that you have to think about all of that when you are grieving. That is why I have put together this page. Here I am going to share a few tips with you with regards to funeral planning. This should, hopefully, make the process a little bit easier for you.

Some funeral cover providers can arrange everything for you. Providers like AVBOB can take care of the arrangements for you. They offer this optional service to all their clients. Not all providers will include funeral arrangement services. AVBOB is the only provider we represent that help arrange the funeral.

When a person dies, there are a couple of things you can do.

Firstly; check whether the deceased had life or funeral insurance. Some life policies will have a separate payout for funerals. This is incredibly important as the costs of funerals can be pretty high. If they have life insurance then you need to find out how you can claim on the policy as soon as possible. This is down to the fact that many life insurance companies will sometimes want to pay the funeral director and other services that you may require directly. If you claim on the life insurance after the funeral then you may find it is difficult to get any financial assistance at all. If the person had a funeral policy, you must claim as soon as possible. Most providers will make funds available within 48 hours. This will make arranging the funeral much easier.

Take the time to shop around for a good funeral home. Funeral homes are a business, and it is likely that they will try to force all manner of packages upon you during the funeral planning stage. This is especially important if you arrange the funeral independently. Many of these packages will be rather expensive. It is however a legal requirement for the funeral company to provide you with an individual price list upon request. Ask for this and use it to compare with the prices offered by other insurance companies around. Remember; you should not be bullied into purchasing items you don’t need (there are a few funeral directors out there who are guilty of pushing the bereaved into a purchase). Buying funeral services will most likely always be emotional. Don’t let funeral service providers take advantage of your emotional state.

Try to avoid ‘emotional’ overspending when it comes to funeral planning. I know that the deceased meant a lot to you, but it is fine to go down the less-costly route if you do not have the finances available to you. I am sure the last thing the deceased wants is for you to go into debt due to their burial or cremation. If you want a cheaper option but still have that traditional funeral in a sense then opt for direct burial or direct cremation. These processes will involve the funeral taking place a very short time after death. The person will be buried or cremated in a small and simple container and there will be no visitation (thus no casket is really required), and this can instantly shave thousands of the cost of a funeral.

Do not be afraid to get help. I know that funeral planning when you are recently bereaved can be tough work. You do not have to do everything yourself (you do not need to be any more stressed than you already are!). I am sure that you have plenty of friends and family who will be more than happy to help you with the funeral planning should you ask. The funeral director will also provide some assistance if you wish.

The above are just some of the tips we have to offer. Feel free to ask one of our consultants for more information. We always do our best to provide an amazing service. Our Staff strive to bring our clients the best possible service. We represent 3 of the best funeral insurance providers in South Africa. We give our clients free quotes. If you are satisfied with your free quote, we can arrange your funeral policy at no additional cost. We represent AVBOB, Metropolitan Life & Discovery Life.

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