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Firstly, Metropolitan Life is one of the oldest insurance companies in South Africa. They have been around since 1890. That is a notable 124 years. It is hard to grasp how any firm can be around this long. This fact should give you a lot of peace of mind. They are obviously here to stay. With Metropolitan funeral cover, you know you have a great funeral plan. Metropolitan is a top 100 JSE listed company. Secondly, they are currently the fourth largest life assurer in SA.

Lastly, Metropolitan Life offers clients a wide range of products. Funeral polices is just one of the products offered. They offer life insurance, hospital cover, savings plans, etc. We only offer Metropolitan funeral cover quotes. If you need other products, please contact them directly. When you apply for a policy, it is vital to use a trusted business. We often hear horror stories about fly by night providers. When it is time to claim, they are missing in action. With a company like Metropolitan Life, you will not have this fear. They do not look for reasons not to pay out claims.


This great policy is open to all South Africans. You do not have to have any other Metropolitan Life products to qualify. Want some more great news? You do not even have to undergo any medicals to join. This is a cash with benefits funeral plan. One of the advantages of a cash with benefits plan is freedom. With this policy, money is ready fast. Due to quick payouts, you can shop around for products and services. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer our clients free Metropolitan funeral cover quotes. We do this quickly and hassle free. Let us assist you today.

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Metropolitan Funeral Cover & Benefits

This policy is an easy to grasp funeral policy. It does not come with funeral services included. This means that the providers pays you a cas hamount, but they do not arrange the funeral for you. One of the benefits of a straight cash plan is multiple options. You can use several providers to arrange a memorial service. For example, you do not have to use the same provider for everything. You do not have to get both the coffin and tombstone from the same place. This choice can save you money. You can shop around for the best prices. This is a fantastic way to get the best out of your money.

Although it does not include funeral services, it still has extra benefits. The benefits are over and above the normal cash payout. With the Metropolitan Funeral Plan, you can get free and optional benefits. The benefits are there to expand your burial policy.

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Included Policy Benefits

Paid-up Benefit

Accidental Death Benefit

Family Assistance Benefit

Cashback Benefit

Optional Policy Benefits

Survival Benefit

Tombstone Benefit

INkomo Benefit

Shopping Benefit

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Metropolitan Funeral Plan Benefits.

Paid-up Benefit

In certain states, the payments will stop. This benefit will activate upon the death or retirement of the policyholder. It will also activate when the policyholder turns 65.

Accidental Death Benefit

This Accidental Death Benefit is available to the direct family. Direct family means the insured policy owner, partner, and children. This benefit will pay up to R30 000 upon accidental death. This option is only available for member younger than 65 and older than 13.

Metropolitan Cashback Benefit

The premium payer will receive a cash payout after five years. This benefit is subject to certain conditions. All money must be up to date and paid in full. You can use this money for anything. This bonus is to thank you for your devotion.

Shopping Benefit (Optional)

This benefit is only available if the policy includes the Paid-up benefit. With this benefit, the cover stays on after a claim. This benefit is only for the policyholder. It pays out upon death, or if the policyholder turns 65. This optional benefit will pay up to R18 000. The money can be to pay for grocery shopping after the claim.

Tombstone Benefit (Optional)

This benefit will make extra money available for the headstone. You can change the payout date up to five times. This date must be within 18 months of the claim. You can take this benefit separately.

INkomo Benefit (Optional)

This benefit will make extra money available for the catering. This optional benefit will pay a maximum of R18 000. This benefit is a catering benefit to accommodate your family. When you translate the word, iNkomo, it means “The Cow” benefit. You can take this benefit separately.

Survival Benefit (Optional)

This benefit will pay when the policyholder turns 65. This optional benefit will pay a maximum of R50 000. You can take this benefit separately.

Quick Payouts

Metropolitan knows how important it is to have money fast. Funerals are stressful enough. Trying to pay for services without money can be very hard. They settle claims within 48 hours. Once you hand in all your forms, claims are settled. Having money fast can truly help your family. Metropolitan funeral cover is exactly what you need.

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Metropolitan funeral cover is among the best. They offer a great no strings product with great benefits. They do not have any waiting periods for accidental death. There will be a six-month waiting period only for natural death. This waiting period is because you do not have to answer any medical questions. You do not have to go for any medical checks. Your approval is certain. If you are happy with your free quote, we can arrange your policy at no extra cost.

Do not wait until it’s too late. We are here to assist you in finding the best policy for your needs. Getting a Metropolitan Funeral Cover Quote can’t be any easier.

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