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General Insurance Tips

Looking for insurance products can be hard. There are so many things to understand. Without some help, it can be very stressful to find the right products for your needs. We decided to give guys people some awesome tips on how to find the right insurance products. If you know what to look for it becomes slightly easier. Firstly, the tips below are mostly general. Some of them will not only be for funeral related products. Some of the tips will be relevant on all insurance products.

The Cost of the Policy

First thing first, let’s look at the cost of the product. It’s important to look at the cost. If the policy is too cheap, it might indicate a couple of things. Sometimes it can be a very basic product, or it might have lots of exclusions. All providers need to manage risk. If you pay too little, there is a reason. Insurance companies pay a lot of money to make sure they charge the right price for their products.

Cheap Policies

If a product is extremely cheap, look at the exclusions and policy working very carefully. Make sure that they have a great record of accomplishment. Sometimes large providers offer great products at a reduced rate. This cheap product might be a great deal. However, if it’s an unknown provider, make sure you do your homework.

Expensive Policies

If a product is too expensive, it can indicate a couple of things. Often the provider offers you benefits that are not relevant to the product. Insurance policy benefits should add value to the policy. Some provider will through in things like free airtime or discounts on armed response. We have seen funeral policies that offer discounts on roadside assistance. At the end of the day, you pay for everything on your policy. Even if they specify it as a “free benefit,” be careful with these. If a provider needs to lure you with weird benefits, it might distract you from the low-quality product.

Where to Get Quotes?

Most people want to save a buck where they can. Our clients often ask us what it costs to use our service. They always think we are the middleman, and they will pay more. This delusion is not true at all. Getting funeral cover and other insurance online is great. In most cases, getting insurance online does not cost you more if you use a broker or quoting service.
Insurance companies have the same application if you use them directly, a broker or even a quoting service. You do not pay more using one service or the other. Getting insurance online is a convenient and easy way to get covered. Some insurance products are easier to explain in person, especially life products. Even online quoting services sometimes need to visit you to do the application. This method will cost you the same as signing up online.

Potential Discounts & Structure

When you apply for certain types of insurance, make sure the consultant is clever. No matter if, it’s a visit in person or a telephonic quote. A great consultant will be able to tell you how to structure your policy the best way.
This possible savings can be relevant to many types of policies. A great example is funeral cover. You can save the client a lot of money by simply structuring the policy better. We get a lot of clients that need burial cover for a parent. Usually, the parent will fall in a very expensive age bracket. If a parent is the policyholder, it will be very expensive. Our consultants look at the options.

Structure Options

If the child does not have a policy yet, they can reduce the rate. If they take a policy in their name, they can add their parent. This skill saves money because the main member is in a younger age bracket. This saving is an ethical way to reduce the cost of the premiums. If the consultant knows this, it’s is easy to save money on insurance. Always ask for potential discounts.
We can help you find the best product for your needs. Complete our contact for to put us to the test. We can help you find almost any insurance products. Below are some links to various products:


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