Provider Introduction

Firstly, Discovery Life has been changing lives for more than two decades. They have made it their mission to promote healthy living in our Country. Discovery funeral cover is no different. With great benefits, you know you will have an amazing product. They are one of the fastest growing life insurers in SA. Burial cover from Discovery Life will offer you, and your family peace of mind.

Secondly, Discovery is one of the most interesting providers in SA. They make it their duty to ensure we live a better life. They offer clients a wide range of products and services. Discovery offers life cover, medical aid, car insurance and more. They also have a product called vitality. This product is an incentive-based product to promote a healthy lifestyle. This kind of thinking is what made them create a fantastic funeral policy. As with most Discovery products, they offer some very interesting benefits. With this policy you can can benefits like, education, grocery, tombstone etc. The benefits they offer add a lot of value to the policy.


Lastly,  you do not need any other Discovery products to get this funeral plan. It is a standalone product available to anybody. We started to sell this product when they just launched. Although it is a fairly new funeral plan, we have seen some great results. It’s very important to always take insurance from companies you can trust. This cash only policy will be everything you need. It comes with quick payouts and cover up to R60 000. You do not have to undergo any medicals to join. You can get your cover from the convenience of your own home.

GET UP TO R60 000 From Just R48 p/m

Discovery Funeral Plan Benefits

From just R48 per month, you can rest assured that you have one of the best funeral products on the market. You can get cover from R10 000 to R60 000. This is the most cover we can offer our clients. Most providers offer a maximum of R50 000 for the policyholder. They offer automatic and optional benefits. The benefits will help expand your policy. When you get your free Discovery funeral cover quote, you can choose the benefits you need. Because we understand the industry, we help you structure your policy to fit your needs.

Who Can I Cover?

Many of us have family members to look after. Due to this, you can cover up to 15 family members on this plan. You do not have to go for any medical checks. This is a non-underwritten product. You do not have to go for any medical checks. Regardless of your health status, you can take out this funeral policy. The funeral plan provides cover for the main member and up to three spouses and up to five children.

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Automatic  Benefits:

Accidental Death Cover

Education Benefit

Automatic Baby Cover

Optional  Benefits:

Grocery Benefit

Memorial Benefit


Automatic Discovery Life Funeral Plan Benefits:

Accidental Death Cover

This plan includes accidental death cover. This benefit is only available to the main member and spouse. In the event of accidental death, the payout will be double. If you R10 000 cover, the payout will be R20 000.

Education Benefit

This benefit will pay R500 per insured child. This payment will be made monthly for 6 months. This benefit will activate upon the death of the main member or spouse.

Automatic Baby Cover

This benefit will payout upon the death of your baby. It will pay if the baby dies within 3 months of birth. It also covers stillborn babies.

Premium Payback

To thank you for your loyalty, Discovery will pay back 100% of the first year’s payments every 5 years. This benefit does not cost you anything extra. This bonus is a thank you from your provider.

Optional Discovery Life Funeral Plan Benefits:

Grocery Benefit

This benefit will pay R1000 a month for 6 months. The money will help to pay for groceries. The money can be for anything the family needs. This benefit will activate upon the death of the main member or spouse.

Memorial Benefit

This benefit will pay R5000 one year after the claim. This money will help pay for the unveiling ceremony. This benefit will activate upon the death of the main member or spouse.

48 Hour Claims

As soon as all the forms are completed, they will settle the claim within 48 hours. Discovery funeral cover will make sure you have money fast. There is nothing worse than trying to arrange a funeral without cash. They want to reduce the stress the family has to go through. Making cash available quickly makes everything much easier.

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For an affordable rate, you can get great cover. With Discovery Life, you know your product is always a step above the rest. Discovery makes all their products with the client in mind. You will not struggle when it comes to claiming stages. They are a well-established provider.

Discovery funeral cover is a cash only product. This means there is noe funeral services included in your plan. The family members can use several providers to arrange the service. You can use company a for a tombstone and company b for a coffin. This freedom allows you to shop around for the best prices. This type of product can help save you money.

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